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    How to slip and locate frame?

    Nick Papps Level 1

      Not sure how to ask this question with the appropirate terminology so here it goes.  Im trying find the correct part of the footage that I want to use in a clip that I imported and put into my comp layers.   When I double click the footage it pops up a layer windo where there is a second playhead matching the main one.  How do I locate and truncate a clip to the part that I want to use?


      I know this probably sounds like a big mess but hopefully someone can figure out what I'm trying to do.  Basically, I have this really long clip and slipping in the main window is taking forever to find the piece that I want to use.  Is there an easier faster way to do this?





      Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.13.21 AM.png