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    Using nicescroll with Edge Animate




      I am a web designer with focus primarily on graphics and I have knowledge of xhtml and css. However, when it comes to Java, jQuery and other stuff like that included in Edge Animate this is very I get very lost.


      I have symbol on stage called "content" inside this symbol there is a text field called "main_text". This text field has overflow set to auto.


      To this "main_text" I load the external html whenever I click on the link nested in another symbol by using




      Now, as the text is long I want "main_text" to be scrollable. Therefore I downloaded nicescroll, copied it into the directory of my project and I call it from Stage in compositionReady



          load: "jquery.nicescroll.js",

          complete: function() {




      The HTML file loads fine into "main_text" but no scrollbar is visible and I can't scroll using the mouse wheel. Does someone here have experience with nicescroll and Edge Animate that can help? Or perhaps just have a look at my syntax and tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.