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    Publishing a flash project with videos included for android and iOS.


      I'm currently working on a project that works like a brochure. Its just a simple presentation, navigating from one page to another and instead of images I used videos and simple text. Nothing really fancy. I'm using as3 for my scripts. The videos are in FLV formats that is loaded into flash via the FLV Player component. When test publishing in my PC the project works really well with no errors. Videos and buttons all working the way it should. But when I publish for Android and after installing it on my device some of the videos will play but not all. Using a file manager, I tried looking into the installed file on my android device (mnt/asec) folder but can't really tell if all the videos are there. The only file visible on my android device is the apk file installed. About the same size (999mB to 1gB) as the original apk file packaged by flash. I'm pretty sure I've included all the videos in the package. I tried it several times but end up having the same result. Is there a way to find out if the packaged apk is indeed complete? What might be the problem? Is there a limit to number of videos or file size of the package? Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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          Hi there


          Unfortunately I think you wandered into the wrong forum. Try clicking the link below, then on the page that appears read the text at the top of the page. There is a link and some instructions that may help.


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          Best of luck to you in solving your issue! Rick

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            Thanks for the info.


            I've recently stumbled on an article on how to view the packaged file (apk) published using AIR 3.2 for Android setting (Adobe Flash CS6). All you need to do is change the extension of the file from (.apk) to (.rar) or (.zip) and extract the file as you would with any other zip or rar file. I was able to confirm that the packaged file (apk) indeed contain all the videos for the presentation. I have more than 80 videos in the presentation. All videos included in the package are of the same video format and resolution (FLV 320x240) but of different duration. I intentionally included the all the videos inside the package so I can use the presentation anywhere and anytime without the need to connect to the internet. The packaged apk file size is (1.23GB) the file includes the project's swf and xml file, the component swf and videos.

            When installed to android I noticed that the package remained as an apk file. Not really sure if android temporarily unpacks it when you run the app.


            Testing phase:

            I see no problem when I'm testing the project on my desktop computer. But when packaged and installed on my device the problem arise.



            I'm able to install and run the app on my device but wont play some of the videos included in the package.

            Was this due to the limited RAM or processor of my android device?

            I wanted to distribute the presentation to friends so i was trying to package it for easy access and installation on their device.


            Alternative Solution:

            I installed a third party app called SWF player by BIT LABS. Copied all the files to my device (the project's swf and component swf with the videos). The project worked like a charm the player (SWF player) and was able to run the presentation as if it was running of my desktop. All buttons and videos working properly. Although the alternative solution worked for me I still wanted to package the presentation for easy access and distribution to friends.


            Please help...Thanks in advance.