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    How to delete audio clip/soundtrack from video

    Aviator1234 Level 1

      Hi - I have been creating my first ever video (joining together footage from GoPro files from a family skiing day, so pretty amateur stuff).

      After doing some basic stuff like deleting lots of even more dull stuff than the remainder will be, I'm left with a heap of separate files where I've put transitions into the gaps.

      I then added an Adobe soundtrack/audio to the whole thing.


      Possibly mistakenly I then did a few more bits and pieces to the video, like speeding a few bits up and so on.  The act of speeding some sections up using Premiere Elements then created 'gaps' in the timeline which I've worked out form some googling I think are there simply because there's underlying audio.


      The difficulty I'm having now is - how do I just simply delete the underlying audio in it's entirety - there must be a simle way of dleting it all, but I can't find it.

      Then I can just change the video as I see fit, delete and close gaps, and then reapply audio once I'm finished.


      Anyone know ?


      PS. I have done some painful resectioning of the underlying audio to try and close the gaps but that hasn't worked very well as in the timeline, the audio isn't directly lined up with the video above it so very easy to delete video when trying to delete sections of audio, therefore simpler to just delete all audio I think.