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    Need Help: Large Inactive Time Spikes occasionally?

    eggsamurai Level 1

      Our developers, and also many users, report that our app occasionally freezes for one second. This happens randomly but quite frequently. Since our app is a fast paced platformer game, the one second freeze often times results in an instant fail for our players, which is a big problem for us.


      I looked at frames where these freezes happen in Adobe Scout. The inactive time is very high (more than 1000). The CPU usage on these same frames, most of the time, is very low, and sometimes even 0, so the inactive time spike does not seem be related to CPU usage. (I used Scout on a release version of the SWF).


      All of our games are built with Starling, and all of them experience this same issue. This issue has been observed on both Windows 8 and Windows 7, and in several different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE).


      Any insight into what might be causing these inactive spikes will be very helpful and much appreciated!