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    Bad treatment


      I have already typed this query and complaint more than once.  Now I have  to do it again.


      I bought an educational version of Adobe Indesign CS4 through my university in 2009.  I have the disc and the order number and correct paperwork.  When I raised a query I was told that the serial number was invalid.  I resent the implication that I may have non-legitimate software.


      Every time I try to contact someone yor assistance, email addresses are impossible to find.  Phone numbers are engaged or messages unanswered.  The chat room technician would not help because he said the serial number was invalid.  The company seem to think that they are so big they cannot trouble to be in touch with their buying public.  Your email contact - one that I did eventually find - forbids attachments so that I cannot send proof of the order number and reciept.  What is going on?


      Please validate the serial number AND

      Please tell me why you are so remote from your buying public OR

      Please send me a valid email address so that I can send you the full details for you to make enquiries  OR

      Please send me a certified copy of the Adobe Indesign OR

      Please refund me my money


      Thank you