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    Subscription glitches for MUSE in transition from "Creative Suite" to "Creative Cloud"?


      I switched from a  "Creative Suite" purchase to a  subscription to "Creative Cloud" so that I wouldn't have to purchase the entire Adobe Product offerings. I also didn't have to worry about updates. The monthly charge  was tolerable  with the prospect of being able to use the latest and greatest that Adobe Had to  offer.  I  have yet to get past implementing anything beyond "Acrobat Reader" Plus which can convert PDF to  Excel, or  Word "KIND OF" but not  completely. After that I have yet to  be able to understand instructions for things like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and get the power that is there.


      Now I am trying to use MUSE and when I call up the program from the Creative Cloud Suite, I am told that my Subscription has expired. I sense that  Adobe is reflecting back on my "Creative Suite"   "PURCHASE" which did not include "MUSE."


      Adobe It is not acknowledging my priviledge to use the MUSE product under the "Creative Cloud" subscription that I automatically make monthly payments for.


      Considering what I consider to be above average costs for software, it is very annoying that Adobe advertises "OUR" forums as their "24/7" support system for their software. This leaves us to ferrett out solutions from a community of people who are struggling with problems trying to help each other. "THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND" is the strong sense that I have and am annoyed with. The software seems to be better than average.


      HOWEVER from my experience, Adobe is extremely weak on ease of use/instruction/support for solid software. This is my perspective of ADOBE Support after being in the computer business for 28 years starting before "IT" even existed, and after 17 years of personal use of Microsoft applications since my retirement.


      I Hope we can as a body convince ADOBE to invest in improving their accessibility to "online help" that speaks the native language of their customers fluently. I would be willing to pay a few bucks more for that curtesy(spell checker?)