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    Cannot search for the topics in merged context sensitive help in Swedish Language

    DBenke Level 1



      I'm using Robohelp 9 with TFS 2012. I've created the context sensitive help using the merged project method.

      I've created the merged help for English and Swedish as well using the chms of different modules and one Parent project (Where the chms are imported as baggage files and merged ToC is created).

      For English help, if I try to search for the different topics using the search option in chm file (I tried to enter words/topic names), it is working fine in both individual module project as well as for merged output.

      But if I try to search in Swedish chm file, the search is working in individual module chm, but not in merged project output. Due to this, if I want to go to another topic while working with the application (For which the Online Help is integrated), I cannot search for any topic of any module.


      Note that there are seperate merged projects for two languages (English and Swedish).


      Kindly help me in resolving this issue.


      Thanks in advance,