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    how to measure a pdf file from the guides?




      I need to check 200 pdf files before go to print,
      essentialy the size


      So i wanna know if there are an easy way to measure the pdf file from the cut guides


      using indd cs6 or Illustrator



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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not really clear what your objectives are, but here is some general info:


          Since you ask in the InDesign forum, let's assume these are PDF's you have placed or will place in InDesign. When placing, choose Crop to: Media in the Import Options dialog; then select the placed PDF and see its height and width in the Info and Transform panels.


          InDesign aside; in Acrobat, choose File > Document Properties to see the "page size," which generally corresponds to the "cut size." Alternatively, you could use Acrobat's Measuring Tool, (Tools > Analyze > Measuring Tool), to literally measure from any point to any other.

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            Danny Whitehead. Level 4

            Are you looking to make sure the trim size is right on a batch of PDFs? By cut guides, to you mean crop marks? If so, it sounds like a job for Acrobat Pro rather than InDesign or Illustrator. You can make a Preflight profile that checks the page size within a certain tolerance, and run all your PDFs though it.

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              TomatoG Level 1

              Thanks guys


              The thing is that i dont have the indd file


              I just have a lot of PDF files and i need to check all files gone correct for print


              what Im doing is open PDF file in Illustrator and with the measure tool check the size of the crop marks


              the "page size" in Acrobat includes the bleed area so i can´t be sure if the file gone correct


              Im looking for a fast way to check that.


              The Adobe measuring tool is basically the same as im doing in Illustrator
              and in the Preflight profile i can´t find the page size


              I guess there's no faster way


              thanks a lot Danny Whitehead and John Mensinger for your interest
              and sorry about the bad english