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    "Open as folder" option?


      Hello all, I recieved this zip file containing two different InDesign files and within this zip were folders named "Links" and "Document Fonts". I linked the links fine and they are working but the fonts show that they are just 0 byte "files", they seem to be corrupted. Unless I'm missing some kind of open as folder option in InDesign, I have no ideas left of how to link up these fonts.


      The fonts are mostly helvetica based and we don't own helvetica. I tried installing the font "files" on windows but were rejected saying they aren't real fonts, also tried throwing them in the InDesign font folder which also obviously didn't work for me. This is the first time I have ever touched InDesign, I've worked with Ps, Ia, Ae, and Pr a good amount for 5 or so years so I'm not new to these programs. But I'm stumped.


      I'm running CC on a windows 7 machine if that has any play in this.


      So I guess my question is the underlined bit, is there some "open as folder" option I'm not seeing in InDesign?