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    InDesign won't print large pdfs


      Hello all,


      I've got an exasperating problem with InDesign.  I create booklet style assembly manuals that range from a few sheets to 10-12 or so (40 pages finished booklet).  My problem is when I print these large files to PDF.  On the larger books, it takes about 10-15 tries before a PDF is actually produced.  I get an "adobe is creating a PDF" in the system tray, but no pdf is produced.


      I never have any problems with smaller documents, only the large ones.  The fact that it does print (after many tries) tells me the document is ok.


      This happens whether I "Print Booklet" or just print straight to a PDF.  I'm on current versions of CC, but this happened before CC as well.


      I've tried all compressions and printing to grayscale.  Nothing fixes the problem.  Printing to .ps file is the same problem.


      All my graphics are linked vector Illustrator files (and there are a lot of them), but I know there's documents many, many time larger than what I'm working on.


      Anyone have any ideas what the culprit is?


      Windows 7, 64bit, 70gigs free disc space and 12gigs ram.


      Thanks for any help!