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    Recommended graphics for online games

      I'm creating an online game with Director MX.
      I would like to work in Illustrator when creating the graphics and the saving them as PNG, but would that still keep the moviesize to a minimum and make the game run smoothly?
      Or are there other programs better suited for making Director-graphics?
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          That should be fine. I have done many similar projects and my format of
          choice is png for graphics that require alpha channels. If you need the
          alpha, make sure you import the image as 32 bit. If you do not need
          alpha, then you can import it as 24 bit to save a little on the file
          size. Director takes care of most of the compression for you, so the
          file format you use to get the graphics into Director controls the
          quality more than the file size. Just make sure you import the images
          at the correct size that you will be using them (i.e. if your Director
          stage is 800x600, don't bring in graphics larger than that and shrink
          them...)- that can cause your file to become larger than it needs to be.
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            Alright, Illustrator it is :). Thanks for the tips.