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    Strange Pattern


      I'm using a fuji X-M1 and when i convert my raw images with dng i get a pattern across the whole of the frame, It's like a fine net when you zoom into 100%.


      When i process using silky pix i dont get this problem but i really dont like that program.


      Any ideas.

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          sandy_mc Level 3

          With what software are you converting/viewing the DNG? Earlier versions of LR/ACR did not understand the X-Trans sensor, so you need to be using an up-to-date version. (The usual "if your older version of LR doesn't support your new camera convert to DNG" advice doesn't really apply for X-Trans).

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            nintyp Level 1

            I'm using the latest adobe dng 8.3 and I'm viewing in an older version of Photoshop. The problem is with the adobe dng converter as when I'm using silkypix there's no problem. I've been using bridge for many years now but my version of Photoshop is quite old. A friend is using Lightroom and doesn't have this problem. I will be investing in Lightroom, but I still like to use photoshop.

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              sandy_mc Level 3

              Yes, old versions of Photoshop will not work well for an X-Trans sensor, even in DNG form. If you really want to use the DNG process with your existing version of Photoshop, then convert to a "Linear (demosaiced)" DNG (in custom compatibility). Image quality will not be quite as good as with newer versions of LR/Photoshop, but the pattern should go away.

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                nintyp Level 1

                I'll try that when I get home, thanks for your help.