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    Make a button that causes different actions at different points in the timeline.


      I'm trying to create an image slider that acts like this one: http://www.againinteractive.com/ . The problem I'm running into is getting the buttons to make the slider go either right OR left, depending on where you are in the timeline. For example: If I want to get to the second (middle) photo, but am on the first picture, I will click the second button and the slider will slide to the right, stopping at the second photo, but if I'm at the third (last) photo, and click the second button, I need the slider to slide to the left to get to it. I will cap this question off by stating that I am a graphic designer, and only have a peripheral understanding of HTML5 and CSS, and therefore am starting get lost with the javascript inputs I obviously need to use to achieve this function. If anyone can explain this to me I will be forever grateful.