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    MultiDimensional Array or what????

      Hi Guys

      I have created an xml document that has this structure for each child:
      <client>Telstar Records</client>
      <titled>Stargate Music.co.uk</titled>
      <description>They were an up and coming band, i was a designer with a passion for 3d, they met fell in love and a new site was born. All it took was four press shots, one promo and a lot of imagination</description>
      <link> http://www.4zero1.co.uk/backupsites/stargate/index.html</link>

      I have succesfully created buttons and used an associative array to compile the info for each button, woooooo aren't i clever!!!! I have set up a path to the <images> node, but I am stumped as to how i can pull the information from the 'workImages' variable in my getworkData() function below .

      I need your help, as i would like to create buttons of the childnodes named <image> in the xml, above you can see that if i was successful i would have three buttons. My problem is relating the information to the buttons and making the buttons appear. I am not using a for loop as i would like to animate each button using a scripted tween. as in the makeButtons() function.

      Do I need to create a multidimensional array? I have included my code below, please don't get too lost in it, i hope someone can fathom it for me and give me an answer. My associative array is in the function getworkData(); My function to create the 'image' buttons is called portfolioImageCreator();

      Many thanks