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    Rendering - New Mac or second Machine




      i got a requirement from a colleague. He catch a new project, where he have to do an imagemovie, which takes much power for rendering in after effects.


      So now i have to find the best configuration for him to work with this project.


      Two ways are possible in my view:


      1. Buy a new machine with enough power, where he could render the movies and work parallel with other projects and applikations.

      Which hardware requirements are needed for the new machine? I found the new MacPro, but this not available before april.


      2. A second machine, only for rendering the movies and he could work with his MacBookPro.

      Is it possible to get a windows or linuxmachine for rendering, if the projects come from a mac?

      And are there any requirements for this renderingmachine?



      Thanks for the help!




      kind regards

      Alex Hofmann