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    How can I get Responsive Scaling AND Adaptive Scaling combined?

    RalphDCW Level 1

      New Responsive Scaling feature is great.


      It's enabled me to add an Edge Animate file to my responsive Wordpress site using the Edge Suite Plugin.


      Only problem for me is that although the 3.7MB file I’ve created scales perfectly on all devices it struggles to play on smartphones.

      (I assume it's too big and too power hungry to play smoothly on smartphones - even since I've added a pre-loader.)


      So, in an ideal world, what I need is a separate low res Edge Animate file that only plays on smartphones.


      Failing that, I’d be happy with a 'Down-level Stage' image which could replace the Edge Animate animation.


      For a moment I thought I’d found a solution when I came across this Adobe TV movie:

      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/create-like-crazy-with-adobe-edge/flexible-layouts-using-adobe-e dge-animate-and-the-edge-commons-library/

      which referenced ‘Adaptive Layouts’ from EdgeDocks:



      Unfortunately this clever solution only works when the new Responsive Scaling feature is NOT selected. As soon as it is selected, the animation no longer changes from one layout size to another when the browser window is reduced.


      So any ideas anyone?


      I don’t mind whether the fix is in Edge Animate, Wordpress or the Edge Suite Plugin - I just want a solution!