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    Embedded videos in Adobe Presenter 9 projects.

    Jburgess71 Level 1

      I'm trying Adobe Presenter 9 on both a PC and a Mac.  I know that on the PC, I can open Presenter either as a ribbon in Power Point, or by itself.  On the Mac, it's only offered as a "video express" option.  Which is weird.  I really want to use Presenter through Power Point on the Mac.


      Anyway... when I do a test recording on the Mac, and I reference and play a youtube video or an mp4 from my computer in the presentation.... you can hear the audio from the mp4 or youtube video.... BUT ONLY ON THE MAC.


      When I do the same thing on a PC... I can't hear the audio from the video I'm referencing or using in my Presenter presentation.



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          Romsinha Adobe Employee

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            alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



            what I understand from your problem is:

            You are on Windows using Adobe Presenter Video creator. You want the youtube video being played to get recorded as part of your recording.

            Mae sure that you have selected 'Internal microphone' as your Microphone

            Also you  should not get any message like 'Your Microphone volume is zero. Do you want to continue ?' when you start recording.


            Let me know if there is some other issue you are facing.



            Alpi agarwal

            Adobe Presenter Engineering Team

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              Jburgess71 Level 1

              No, that didn't help.


              I have an existing power point presentation. In that existing power point presentation there are two videos with audio. I want to use Presenter as a guide on how to use the power point. So I click on the presenter tab and click to record video button to record my piece... "hey, this is how you use this slide. And here's a video that explains more, etc."  I hear the audio from that video (already in the existing powerpoint) while I'm recording.  But when I go to play it back I no longer hear the audio from the video.  I only hear MY audio that I recorded.


              It doesn't pick up any "system" audio. 


              When I use video express on the Mac... I get system audio.  But not on the PC.


              This totally defeats any reason why I would use Presenter if I can't get system audio.


              If I'm doing something wrong, why can't I get ANYONE at Adobe to correct????