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    Why is Adobe selling my email address?


      Can you please tell me why you are selling my email address? I am now getting my inbox full of spam!

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          Abhijit Kr. Adobe Employee

          Hi london2110guy,


          I am sorry for the inconvinience caused to you but I would like to inform you that Adobe doesn't disclose any of its users details. If you don't want any notifications from Adobe then you can unsubscribe the emails to stop.




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            london2110guy Level 1

            Thank you for you reply.

            When I registered with Adobe I used the email address of adobe@mydomain.com when I register with the BBC I use the address bbc@mydomain.com When I shop at amazon I use the amazon@mydomain.com address. You see the pattern? So when I get spam from an efax company asking me to open an attachment because someone has sent me a fax I look at the email address they used and... you guest it, its adobe@mydomain.com. Only adobe know that address!!! only adobe will have passed that address to a third party, no one else knows it!!! So please don't tell me you don't disclose any info to third parties. Please STOP

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              Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

              Hi London2110guy,


              Welcome to Adobe Forum,


              As mentioned earlier Adobe does not share the e-mail address under any circumstances.


              I found that the e-mail in this forum as well as e-mail adobe@mydomain.com are Adobe ID, no products are registered under it, I can request to abandon the E mail & create new to prevent spamming.





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                Simon Wyndham

                I think what has happened is that your email address was one of the ones that the hackers got hold of when Adobe was hacked. Since the major Adobe hack when my email address was stolen I too have had to put up with an absolutely enourmous amount of spam since the email addresses have clearly been passed onto spammers.


                Other people I know have also had the same problem. Yet Adobe doesn't see fit to apologise for this, or to even offer any form of compensation for both the inconvenience and risks due to their incredibly slack and woeful security measures.


                We are just a cash cow for Adobe.

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                  I use exactly the same process when I create accounts on businesses or forums and I've also started getting emails to adobe@mydomain. The have either been hacked or are blatantly selling our emails.


                  The last email I had arrived today and was about learning languages from raftcowmilk.com

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                    Michael Burroughs Level 1

                    Adobe was breached months ago.  Emails, passwords, cc info, personal information was all leaked. They aren't selling your email. It got distributed for free.

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                      Simon Wyndham Level 1

                      I just wish that Adobe would make a sincere apology about it. The way that they have been dealing with issues such as this is to wash their hands of it and effectively say "not our problem". An unbelieavable response to such a serious and comprimising hack. Adobe have shown nothing but contempt for their paying customers during the whole hacking episode.


                      But since they have a market monopoly they clearly don't feel that they owe their customers anything other than a reluctant letter (sent months after the hacking took place!) stating that accounts were hacked.


                      Come on Adobe, when are you going to show some respect for your paying customers and address issues such as this? We are getting spammed left right and centre, and it is all because YOUR systems were hacked due to your incredibly slack security measures, or rather lack of them. Stop sticking your fingers in your ears shouting "lalalala" and address the issue head on and admit liability for it. Or is it too much for such a large corporation to actually show that they have some backbone?

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                        Michael Burroughs Level 1

                        It isn't their problem (to them).  If you look at the press releases, it went on and on about how sourcecode of Photoshop was stolen and poor, poor Adobe.  Then it had a brief paragraph that addressed the thousands of people who had their information stolen.  But it's ok.  They gave us a free website that lets us buy not-free credit monitoring and reporting services.  Thanks, Adobe!  I feel so much better.

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                          Simon Wyndham Level 1

                          The sooner somebody introduces some effective competition into the marketplace the better. Adobe doesn't make any effort because they know that they are the only serious option for a number of software types.

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                            I started receiving spam on 6th February. The chat session went like this...

                            Pradeep: Please be informed that Adobe does not sell the email address to any third parties.  Also there is no reports of any suspicious activity on our servers.  Is there anything else I can help you with

                            Me: Okay, so the only explanation is that someone has successfully circumvented your security and taken information without your knowledge?
                            Pradeep: I am sorry but Adobe has all the confidential information stored securely.  We have not lost any of our information.... We do not have any confidential data lost from our servers.

                            Me: Either you are lying or the adobe website is wrong.  http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/customer-alert.html


                            He went on to tell me that my information was not lost in the October 2013 incident.  So there must be another one.  All mails sent to my adobe address are now being redirected to spamcop and I am very unimpressed with Pradeep's response.

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                              That's bull-c-r-a-p, Adobe!


                              I've started receiving spam yesterday. There are only 2 parties in the world who know the email address I use with Adobe, one is me and the other one is Adobe. I certainly didn't sell my email address but since yesterday I get tons of spam at that address. You see, smart people like myself and the original poster use personalized email addresses for each company so when someone sells our emails we know exactly who it is.


                              Either Adobe is so incompetent that they don't even know they have been hacked, or they are so dishonest to sell private information.


                              This adds to me being still charged for sales taxes for a year now on my subscription and Adobe keeps ignoring my messages. What a disgusting company this has become.

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                                An interesting post, I use the same method to determine when an email address I had given out comes back with spam.

                                It is now 3 years later, and this morning I suddenly had 100's more spam than I normally see - and, you guessed it, most of them were to my adobe@..... email address, that I have ONLY given to adobe.


                                I would complain to them, but it is well known that they will just deny it and keep repeating that denial - as they have done with this post.


                                With the over-0the-top charges for most of their software, Adobe should be at the top of everyone's 'why would I use them' list :-)




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                                  alans14000560 Level 1

                                  Liar - if hackers get email addresses from you, it is still your responsibility!

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                                    mauricep27921461 Adobe Community Professional



                                    it is not necessary to bump a three year old thread. The truth is: Adobe was hacked in October 2013 and that's how
                                    email addresses, usernames and passwords got compromised. Adobe does not sell your personal data to any
                                    third-party (check Adobe Privacy Center).


                                    There's also a website called HaveIBeenPwned, where you can enter your email address and it will list up
                                    any data breaches you were part of.

                                    Kind Regards,