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    Ability to import files in numeric or alphabetical order

    Potts Level 1

      i'm doing a large project that requires me to import 40 to 50 image files into separate edge documents. (about 30 documents each with 40-50 sequenced images.)

      each time i import a batch of images, the order gets messed up. in finder they are labeled as filename01.jpg, filename02.jpg etc. when i import them into edge, it scrambeles the files for no apparent reason (see image below) and i have to delete them and re-add them from the images library to get them in order.


      why don't they just import in order?


      Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 2.55.38 PM.png

      as you can see, i moved file _10000 to the top (it was somewhere in the middle) and the rest of the files are in no apparent order. this is extremely annoying as the files were named as such to keep them in order!! is this a bug, or just the way that edge thinks importing files works?