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    BUG: Chrome issues -- elements don't show up or show up late

    EvilGeniusCreative Level 1

      Any idea when some of the EdgeAnimate vs. Chrome / Webkit positioning issues will be resolved?


      • The animation works correctly both in Firefox and within Animate when progressing through the timeline, however, when it's in Chrome, the bars don't show up sequentially, or don't show up at all. (At approximately 00:03:000 or so). Blue bars, orange line, and "Predictability" are inside a div wrapper. However, this happens in Chrome even when they are not.
        • Bars should come in sequentially like this
        • But they either come all at once (along with the orange line) or just the first bar shows up, like this:
      • Sometimes the chart bars don't show up at all (about 00:24:00)
        • Here's what it should look like:yeschartbars.gif
        • Here's what it shows:
      • Ditto with the bracket and text box showing up *beneath* elements than they are higher than at about 00:37:500 after I resize browser window to force the bars to show up