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    coldfusion.window.create background-color


      How do I over-ride the gray screen color in a cfwindow that is created by coldfusion.window.create?

      The following JS does not work for IE11 on Windows 8.1:



      wConfig = new Object(); 

      wConfig.bodystyle = "background-color: blue"; //changed it to 'blue'

      wConfig.center = true; //center the window on page

      ColdFusion.Window.create('mywin', 'test window', 'theUrl.com', wConfig);


      The above launches the window fine, but keep the same gray color. The wConfig.center=true works, but not the bodystyle. I have also tried 'bodyStyle' as I hear CF10 is case-senstive(?) for URLs, given this is AJAX.