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    Arbitrary image scaling causes weird behavior




      I'm using InDesign ver. 9.2 x64 on Windows 7 Pro (SP1) and noticed some really weird behavior this morning.


      I was working on a document and placed an Illustrator image on the page. I then scaled the image by clicking in the Scale Y Percentage field of the ribbon and entering 40.


      Here's where it gets strange - after scaling, I can't navigate away from InDesign at all. I click other open windows in the task bar and nothing happens. InDesign is still active (I can scroll, edit text, etc.), but I can't navigate away from the InDesign window until I press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then cancel back. Pretty weird, yeah?


      Well, things actually get weirder! After restoring functionality by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and cancelling back, my mouse buttons were remapped back to right-handed configuration (I normally have my mouse buttons reversed for left-handed use).


      Has anyone else encountered something like this or has my wife been right all along and I'm just plain weird?