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    WMV audio working not video

      I updated direct X, windows media player is v10, the audio is playing but not the video...does length of the video matter? These are all 30 min to an hour...my customer wants and interface to each of the videos. I have tried Adobe Encore, the files are too big in the acceptable formats (WMV is not accepted), Flash MX 2004 would not accept my videos (it had trouble after trouble with different formats--I tried flv, wmv, avi, and mov), so now I am trying Director as a last ditch effort and the video is not working, but the audio is...keep in mind also since they want an interface it needs to fit on a dvd.

      I tried to separate the videos in Encore down to two buttons (out of four) and the content was still too big. The wmv files will fit onto one DVD, but I really wanted to give them and interface...

      can anyone help?

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          Most of the time, cases like this one are caused by incompatible codec. I suggest that you experiment by recompressing your movie with a different or more standard codec.

          Since Director supports AVI or MOV, you may also want to try converting your video to these formats.