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    Set captivate slides to play continously


      Hi. Sorry if this is a basic question. I am using captivate 7. I have noticed that when I play my slides (Preview > Play from this slide), there are certain slides that just stop and do not go directly into the next slide, i.e. slide 2 plays, but I have to click next slide to see slide 3. I can't figire out how to set the properties to have the subsequent slide start when the previous one ends.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          The typical default behavior of a Captivate project is to move from slide to slide. Unless, you have inserted a Question slide or an interactive object such as a Button. Click Box or Text Entry Box object on a slide.


          For the slides where playback stops, do you have one of these objects? If so, there's your answer.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Here is an example from what Rick suggests you to look for:


            In this timeline the upper most object is a button: you see a double line at 1.5 secs, which is where it is pausing. Select it and you'll see that time also in the Timing accordion of the Properties panel of that button.

            The Click box just at the bottom has also a pausing point: it is at the end of its timeline, because a click box is by default invisible, contrary to the button that is also visible but inactive after the pausing.