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    Opening 20+gb psb files.


      Hey folks! New to the forum so I will start off by introducing myself. My name is Chris Sawtell. I'm currently a graphic designer at Signtek Prince George BC (Canada). Hokay now that's out of the way I will ask my question. So I like to work on extremely large files (lots of real world textures, smart objects, filters) stuff that really slows a system down. My current specs are as followed:


      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST (4gb memory)

      32gb of ram

      intel i5-3570 (3.4ghz)

      WD 1TB harddrive (raid 0 scratch disk)

      let me know if you need more specs


      So the first day went well, everything was loading super fast, the largest file being 23.8gb. This was loading in about 5-10 minutes which is perfect considering I'm going to be inside that file for the remainder of my work day. The next day things took a left turn and went from super fast to super slow. Loading the file now takes up to 45 minutes to an hour. Saving has also become a burden. Nothing has changed. I currently have 70% of my ram allocated to photoshop. Cache levels set at 5, cache tile size 1024K, and 20 history states. If there is anything that could have caused something to "break" please let me know. On the other side of things, does anyone else work with incredibly large files? If so what do you have your preferences setup at? I apologize if this subject has been overdiscussed, I have yet to browse the forum thoroughly.


      Thanks guys!


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          You need a serious Scratch disk arrangment for files that big. 


          You mention a 1Tb raid0.  Is that reserved for PS scratch space? 

          How many drives in the raid0?


          Maybe drop your cache levels a bit (never go less than 2)


          Your system is OK, but light on CPU power.  I don't know what mainboard you are using, but an i7 CPU would be better, and a 3930K six core better still, but it is unlikely that would fit your MB.


          Did you restart your computer between saving one day and opening the next? 


          You have not said what operating system?  If Windows, open Task Manager > Performance and see what is happening while opening.  I'm guessing that the CPU will be maxed out.


          Bottem line...  Why do you need such a large image?  What are the pixel dimensions?  What is it going to be used for?  (That is ten times larger than the biggest image file I've ever heard of.)

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I should asked what the image bit depth is?  

            Is 20Gb the size on the hard drive, or in Photoshop? 


            Have a look at the Scratch drive, and see what size the temp file(s) are and if any don't have today's date.

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              Signtek_PG Level 1

              Shoot I knew I forgot something! Running windows 8.1 currently. The files I work on are mainly for snowmobiles, but the graphics are xfered over to side by sides, razers...even trucks and cars. I work in photoshop, illustrator, and after effects. End result is usually done in photosohp with layers and effects intact. 8 bit depth at 300 DPI, my design template is 120 inches wide by 82 inches high. I have the file saved to the desktop (at the moment). At the end of the day I save it out and it gets backed up onto an external device. The file that I open continuously though is always opened from the desktop. I have misunderstood the specs I was running, not running raid 0, just a normal 1TB drive that is improperly configured for photoshop (damnit). I have also tried restarting the computer, as well as reinstalling photoshop. Also cleaned out the temp folder. Monitoring the task manager, looks like my drive jamms up at 99%. Thanks a million for the quick reply btw!

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                Signtek_PG Level 1

                Issue resolved! Thanks for any future replies!

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  Well it's up to you if you feel the need to use 36,000 x 9,600 pixel images.  I would definitely be inclined to talk to whatever company applies the image to the product, and ask what dpi they need.  My feeling is that it will closer to 150dpi which would one quarter the current file size.


                  You definitely need a serious scratch disk arrangement if you are going to use those file sizes though, and perhaps look carefully at your workflow to see if you are wasting layers etc.  For instance if you have a solid layer where most of it is masked out by a layer mask, think about Applying the layer mask to delete the unused pixels.


                  I'm guessing that the hardware you are using is owned by your employer?  That always makes it tricky updating it to a realistic spec.  That would be why it has the inadequate i5 CPU.


                  Please answer these questions..


                  Do you have a drive reserved solely for Photoshop Scratch space?


                  If yes, what is that drive?  Try installing Crystal Disk Mark and testing the drive performance. 


                  Does that performance tally with the time taken to save or load the file?  You’d expect 100Mb/s for continuous throughput with most drives, so 40 minutes suggests other issues.


                  Do what I said earlier, and check the Task Manager performance tab, and see what is happening during a save.  If the CPU is maxed out, then a faster scratch drive might not help.

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                    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                    I overlapped your last post, so glad you got it fixed.  But a couple of things came to mind.  I'm thinking that the sort of thing you'd see on the side of a snowmobile would more graphic than photograph, so Illustrator would work for you with much smaller file sizes.


                    If you do have photographic elements, then perhaps InDesign would be a better choice, as it references the full size image on disk rather than load it to memory.

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                      PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                      Hello, for other users that might be facing the problem: your scratch disk's temp folder was full, and emptying it cleared som room?


                      For such large images, even more RAM, some SSD as the scratch disk, and a videocard with lots of VRAM could be useful too.