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    Accessing file system


      My script needs a Framemaker template file in creating a new file. I've made it work by hard-coding the path to the template in the script:


      sFilename = "C:\\Users\\gisteppen\\Desktop\\fm change bars\\dev\\changes-template.fm";


      I want to make this easy to distribute. I want the script to look for this template file in whatever directory the script resides in, but I find it won't work if I just put the name of the template without the path like this:


      sFilename = "changes-template.fm";


      Is there a way to get the current directory where the script is from the file system? Then I could construct the absolute path that Fm seems to need.


      Or maybe there is a better way to go about this?




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          frameexpert Level 4

          You can do something like the code below, which finds a settings file with the same name as the script, but with a .cfg extension.


              // Make a File object for the settings XML file.
              var settingsFile = new File($.fileName.replace (/\.jsx$/i , ".cfg"));
              if (settingsFile.exists === false) {
                  $.writeln ("Settings file does not exist: " + settingsFile.fsName);


          The $.fileName property gives you the path to the currently running script. Here I am replacing the .jsx extension with .cfg.


          In your case, you could use something like this:


              // Make a File object for the template.
              var template = new File($.fileName.replace (/[^\/]+$/, "changes-template.fm"));
              if (template.exists === false) {
                  $.writeln ("Template does not exist: " + template.fsName);


          One important thing: make sure you save the script before using this code. $.fileName returns (Script#) from an untitled script.



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            gisteppen Level 1

            Nice! Not only did you point me at $.fileName to get the path to the running script, which would have been plenty, you gave me a good code implementation with a nice regex to boot. So thanks!


            I was looking at the File and Folder objects and not finding what I wanted. I'm going to look more closely at those $.* tools.


            I have a question, should I somehow get rid of that File object I'm using? Is there a best practice? Should it be closed like if I open a FrameMaker file with Open()?




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              frameexpert Level 4

              You don't have to worry about closing a File object unless you actually open it with the open method.