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    how to solve broken links

    jeffc2010 Level 1

      robohelp 10 html

      win 7 64 bit


      I can't follow the user guide explanation for broken links. If I double-click a "broken link" in "broken links folder" it opens a dialog that suggests there are broken index entries (key icon?). When i select a listing (delete is grayed out) I can't delete. If I click "restore" nothing happens, so my only option is edit. What am I editing? I don't follow what is in the edit dialog. To what does "references" actually refer? I've attached two screen shots. One for broken links shows that the "topic" is not missing (it is in ToC) and the other scrn shot shows dialog i find confusing.


      The third scrn shot (last) show the dialog when i select a listing and click "edit". I don't know what i'm seeing or what to do.


      I checked any links in the "broken link" topic (to other topics) and they work fine.


      Can you help me figure out what to do. If its an index issue, i would prefer to delete the index entries, but as i mentioned, delete is grayed out.


      Also, none of these listings are in topic properties "index" or "key words".


      broken links 001.JPG


      broken links 002.JPG


      broken links 003.JPG

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          The first screenshot is telling you that a topic is pointing to it and by right clicking the topic on the left you can find out which topic it is. Your screenshot is showing the topic title, check the file name is the same as shown in the broken link and it is in the expected folder. Something is wrong with the link. If you still cannot find it, try deleting the CPD files and reopening the project.


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