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    How to create ePUB with full size images/pages to adjust according to device?

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      Friendly Greetings,


              I have been trying, for nigh on two months, to convert/create my 7 books that are in print into eBooks; with first publishing scheduled to be Nook, with Kindle on the eventually list. I am, sadly still working on just getting the first one published! And I could really use any assistance to get this figured out. My intent was to publish several weeks ago...now my desperation is to publish before the weather gets too warm and kids are outside most of the time...or at least no later than Easter. :0)


              First and foremost, my books are picture/poetry books for kids of all ages. They were fully designed in Photoshop, where I also created the full size images for the first eBook. I received the specifications from B&N for the various Nook devices. Under the assumption that it would be best to create the largest of the files, thus allowing smaller sized devices to adjust the page accordingly to fit and the largest would not overstretch a smaller image, I sized my pages to 1280px x 1920px at 72dpi. (now I hear 150 is standard??)


              My text is included within the image as the design is one image = one page. I included a full text only version of the story/poem at the end for those wishing to adjust text or use a voice reader. I obviously have all the original files, but for publishing they were all saved as JPGs.


              After quite a struggle and a whole lot of frustration I managed to complete the manuscript in Barnes and Noble's Nook Press Manuscript Editor. My internet is molasses and thus much of this was done in the wee hours of the morning when the rest of the time zone is asleep. I only had one page with an issue, of an extra blank line/space that was irreparable. I published, and found it was completely botched in publish, though the preview looked a-okay. Only about the top left 1/6 of each image/page was visible in either my laptop's Nook for PC or my Android Tablet's Nook App. So I agonizingly awaited another 10 hours, hoping no one would buy my book during that time, for it to be removed from sale.


              I downloaded a trial of InDesign CC, and after two weeks of not even being able to create a single new document for some screwy reason, I bought a month's subscription. So far I'm not entirely convinced of this whole Creative Cloud malarkey, especially considering...as like I said my internet is slow...it took me nearly 20 hours just download the software. (Is it really that difficult to offer disc, seriously?) After a chat and phone call I can, in theory, now use InDesign.


              I created a New Document for Digital Publishing at the aforementioned specs (1280 x 1920 px). I made the rectangle placeholders the full size of the page, and place one image per page. This usually inserted the image at about 50% and I would have to select 100% and then move as necessary in to place.


              Thus, my first question is: Is there a way to place an image at 100% without having to do that extra resizing step? Or if there is an alternative way to place the image to the full size of the page without any of those other steps that would be lovely too.


              Okay, after placing several pages/images I also selected each and went to Object Export Options and Checking the Custom Rasterization and "Resize to Text Flow".  I then exported a trial ePUB to see what it would look like. On both the PC and Tablet in landscape mode it was a far cry better than the other, but about oh a 1/3 of the bottom of each page was cut off. On the tablet I rotated to portrait and voila full page. Woohoo! But alas, I don't want to limit it.


              Is there something I am doing wrong? Did I miss a step or two somewhere so that the full image will fit on the page? I feel like I'm just about to turn the page on this thing, but it's stuck to the one after that.


              I would greatly appreciate any insight, tips, help that anyone can offer. I have run the gauntlet of Barnes and Noble...cough, cough...support and apparently I ask questions which no Nook Press rep can answer and the forums over there have no clue about InDesign. It's almost as if with all the fantastic beautiful screens out there today nobody wants picture books! How does National Geographic do it?!


              Thank you very kindly.


      In case it is necessary: My laptop uses Window 7 Pro 64-bit, InDesign CC is 64-bit and my 10.1 tablet uses Android. I can view the EPUB files in Nook for PC and Nook for Android. I also have Kindle, LumiRead, and various other apps on the tablet. I can also have someone preview the finished epub, if need, on a Mac, iPad, and/or Android phone...though I do not have any of these. Not sure who has a Nook I can look at though. Thanks again.