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    Indesign CC stalls on second launch - and more

    camelbreath Level 1

      Windows 7/64 bit - InDesign CC

      For reasons unbeknown to me, at a time I cannot pinpoint, my copy of InDesign CC began to stall at "Loading Application" on any attempt to launch the program after the first launch of the day. I discovered that if I opened the task manager and invoked "end process" on InDesign, the program would then launch and operate properly.


      This got a little old, so I called Adobe Support to see if I could get the issue resolved. About three hours and a couple of remote technicians later, the problem was declared resolved. The tech uninstalled Creative Cloud desktop and InDesign and reinstalled both, after doing a lot of under-the-hood opening, closing, adjusting, disabling and other manipulations that are a mystery to me. When the session was over, it was late and I shut everything down and turned in, not aware of the nasty surprises lying in wait for me the next morning.


      When I started my computer the next morning, my Wacom tablet had disappeared from the system, driver gone and hardware not recognized. After loading drivers, plugging and unplugging the tablet, I finally got that issue resolved. Then I started working on a file and discovered that my Suitcase Fusion would not launch. I went through the normal user lever solutions and nothing worked.


      I contacted Extensis tech service and it was determined that Bonjour was disabled which is necessary to run Suitcase Fusion. Nothing we could do could make Bonjour work. We installed and uninstalled and Bon Jour simply will not work and Suitcase will not work.


      So, after my initial experience, I still had the same InDesign issue, I had to fix my Wacom Tablet and my font manager would not work. I contacted tech service again today and after about three hours and a couple of escalations, they got InDesign working right, at which time I asked them what their plans were to find out what they botched that has disabled my font manager and made it impossible to reinstall. Their reaction was that the font manager problem was not an Adobe problem. Then they relented and attempted to get the font manager fixed. Then for some reason, they restarted the machine remotely and disconnected me from the phone.


      After 30 minutes of waiting for them to call me back, I called them back and went through being on hold and was told they had emailed a solution. This is the solution they mailed to solve my problem: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/troubleshoot-system-errors-freezes-windows.html


      After opening the “solution” and seeing that most everything had been done except inspecting hardware that was functioning normally before their tech began grazing around in my machine, it appeared to me that they were sending me a solution that had nothing to do with the core problem. Their software was working fine, the software they effectively disabled wasn't. Then after another escalation, the conversation ended when a recording came on line telling me to call back Monday.


      Mind you, I am not a whiner or complainer. I have used Indesign since version 2 and have bought every creative suite and use most of the software in it, and am a subscriber to CC, so I am a loyal Adobe user and software fan.


      Until this incident, in the umpteen years I have used their software nearly every day of my life, I have had no complaints on the product or the technical service I have received, but this takes the cake.


      In my business, for the last 39 years, if I made a mistake or screwed something up, I took responsibility for fixing it. Am I asking too much to receive the same consideration?


      Joe Dempsey