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    Change Name of Image Folder


      Hey guys,


      Simple question.


      Is it possible to change the name of the image folder?


      Adding an animate composition to my website and don't want to overload the images folder.  Would like to make a folder called edgeImages or something.


      But when I do, the source is lost and I have no idea how to reconnect all the images.


      Thanks for the help in advance!!!

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          Zaxist Level 4

          Hey there

          yes it's Possible to change the image folder to what ever you wanted


          but just do it after you published your whole project.. !


          go into your Published folder then :


          • A:  change the image folder name
          • B:  open *_edge.js with Note pad
          • C:  Find this:      var im='images/'
          • D:  Replace your image folder name with images
          • E:  Save and Exit
          • Done




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