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    In a book that includes documents with alternate layouts, how do I print one layout?

    Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

      I have an InDesign book (indb) for the paperback version of my publication. The pages in the hardcover are a slightly different size and there are a few differences in text styles. I understood that Alternate Layouts were a great way to create the hardcover version of the same book without duplicating the text and without creating two sets of files to keep track of.


      Within a single document, that works great, and I can select a range when printing to only include the Paperback layout or the Hardcover layout. I thought I'd discovered Nirvana, it was so slick and easy!


      Then it came time to print the entire book.


      When using the Print Book command, there doesn't seem to be any way to limit the range for printing, and the result I get is all pages of all documents ... first the Paperback layout and then the Hardcover layout.


      I'd really like to make use of Alternate Layouts, as this seems like one of the use cases the feature was designed for (in addition to the commonly-demonstrated digital publishing use case). However, if I can't print the entire book at once for a specific layout, it looks like it might actually be easier to create two versions of every file, and apply the correct formatting, and try to keep track of corrections and errata in both versions ... yuck.


      Can anyone provide suggestions on this? Am I missing something?


      Is it possible to use Alternate Layouts and InDesign Books together?


      — Boris