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    flash cs5 crash when opening a converted cs6 file

    Dkskull Studio

      hi all,


      first i hope this is the place for asking about it,


      so, i started a project with cs6, saved the file in cs5 and i sent it to a diffrent machine,

      then i open the file in cs5 and continuing working, after a while i saved the file, and closed it.


      i try to open it again and my flash cs5 crash and will not respond.


      i opend the problamatic file with cs6 with no problams, i was trying to locate the problams with save in cs6 and reopen in cs5 when trying to get rid of stuff that making the cs5 crash,

      i finally succed to open the file with cs5 when the problam discoverd was a tween with guideline that when you try to change it (ease or layer level) the cs5 just crash and get not responding again.

      so i reset the tween and delete the guideline and the problam solved, and now i working on cs5 just fine, after a while and a faw saves (only in cs5) i closed the program.


      this is the frustrating part.. when i try to open the file again in cs5 the problam is back!!! it crashing and not responding, i cant understand why, i only worked on cs5 after the problam solved.

      i open this file with cs6 with no errors, but i cant open it with cs5 anymore, im not going to try and locate the reason again its taking me a lot of work time.


      im sure that is somthing with easing and tweening that im not realy understand.

      i updated flash,deleted the preferences folder and all the thing that need to be done with no succes!


      i have cs6 at work and cs5 at home so i need this problam discoverd and solved for a clean way to work in the future.


      please help me!!!


      thanks in advance,