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    Apache 2.2, Coldfusion, MySQL 5, CFeclipse & Flex Builder 2 platform

    Superflu Level 1
      I've been following this PDF http://www.acidlabs.org/extras/acme/ , which is really informative, clean and useful, if you only want to code CF. However, if you want to code Flex, you'll face a few problems:

      1. After you define a CF project in CFeclipse that points to your CFMX folder (not the JRun folder, just some folder you make), you can't point a Flex project to any folder under that folder.

      2. When the Adobe Flex Builder asks you where is the root folder that contains the WEB-INF/Flex directory, where should I point it to? the c:\jrun4\servers\cfusion... or someplace else? I tried the Jrun folder, no luck, it finds the CFC but returns a null pointer exception. My guess is that my flex-gateway should be changed in some way, I have no idea how.