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    Permission denied message

    awelendam2 Level 1
      Just an FYI...
      Recently one of my end-users was issued an electronic key to access an intranet site through Contribute. However, she was unable to use the key and received an error message of "conflicting address". When the connection was added manually she was able to gain access to the pages on the server but was not permitted to Publish. Contribute returned an error of Permission Denied. I checked her permissions and she had full permissions to the directory and using FTP was able to perform any task on the directory.

      Additionally, all pages that she had previously had access to were now corrupted and not able to open successfully.

      The problem was created by her having a symbol in her FTP password. Using a different password, without a symbold, and issuing a new electronic key remedied the problem, though she had to recreate all of her work since the previous files had been corrupted.