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    Firefox crashing




      I made a very nice animation and I have a really annoying problem.

      On some computers when I open the website in Firefox (ver. 27), it's crashing when it starts the animation. I tried it on 2 computers, both are bit older (5 and 10 years old) so not the newest and fastest computers, but still existing.

      On my computer it runs perfectly and even on my mobile. But still, it should work on every computer well.

      Can I handle this somehow? Any idea?

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          Mandi8 Level 1

          I found out what was the problem.

          I used this font on a question mark: MS Serif, New York, Serif.

          When it appeared on the animation Firefox was crashing under Windows XP. On Windows 7 was working fine.

          What was also interesting when I changed this font for Times New Roman, nothing happened, looked exactly the same, so maybe this font is not even existing on my computer?

          Should I report this somewhere to Adobe or is that enough just to write here? I guess this should be fixed in Edge.

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, Mandi8-


            I'm not 100% sure that this is a problem with Edge Animate.  Have you tried referring to the font in a simple webpage and loading it in XP?