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    Graphic card help for Pr and Ae use


      Hi there great community :)


      I'm currently working with only the on-board graphic card, and of course I should upgrade as my GPU is working on 99% on large renders and they are slow...


      I've been recommended the GeForce nvidia 2-4GB gtx 760, but neither the 750 or 760 are listed as supported graphic cards in the premiere cc system requirements.


      Is there a reason for this or should I ignore that?


      Is there a good reason for spending a little extra cash on the 4 GB vs the 2 GB card ?


      What exactly will a graphic card do for my performance? (I'm not a computer expert)


      My general use is premiere cc and after effects cc


      Hope you'll help. Greatly appreciated!


      Nice weekend to all :)

      - Simon