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    Flash Studdder....  Nice little pause in animation & Button Question

      New guy again...So I have my handy little intro on my main page after the flash screen and I have my first page of content come up right before it is finished. Now if I view the file on my hard drive there is a little pause when it comes in (very annoying) but when I view the uploaded version it does not!. Should I be worried about that? Is my preloader doing the job?

      First Cell Preloader:
      P = int((100*_framesloaded)/_totalframes);
      tellTarget ("/Prozent") {

      Second Cell:
      if (Number(P)<100) {


      I am like racking my brain trying to figure out how to make the same button upon clicking play 2 movie clips. I have one movie clip pass over the screen while the other appears under it when it is retracted. So I want one the new content to appear after the trasition clip wipes the screen...

      Thank You Flash Gurus!