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    basic question on importing word file


      I am newbie, so please give me a simple answer and instructions, and assume I know nothing about indesign


      I want to import Microsoft word file (*.doc) to indesign.


      1)Created new insdesign document. Now I see one empty page on screen

      2)Did File->Place and navigated to the *.doc file and clicked Open.

      3)Now I see small text at the end of the mouse. I put this text in the empty page. now the first page from Word showed up filling the page on the screen.


      My question is:


      I only see one page created from Word file. The word document has many more pages. But I see a little red square + at the right bottom side which means more text is there. So I go to pages and add one more pages (I do not know how many pages I need to I tried 10). (I need to have empty pages before, right)


      Now I go back to the little red + and click on it. I see new text box come up at the end of the mouse. I move/drag this text book to the second page and click there. Now the second page is filled up.


      I still see the little + square at the bottom right side of this new second page. So I click on it and drage more text to the next page (this is the third page by now)


      This is all so time consuming and to tell you the truth, a very silly way to do something as basic as importing a file by such a powerful desktop publishing software.


      Is there a way to just tell indesign after placing the word into indesign or using other means, to simply expand all content and fill as many pages as needed? So that if I have 1,000 pages, I do not have to spend the whole weekend just clicking on little + markers and draging text around? 




      Thank you,