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    When I import an html page into Edge Animate...


      ...all the elements appear in the elements panel, and on stage - but nothing appears in the timeline, as being on Stage... so I don't know how I can access and manipulate anything. In the example/tutorial by Paul Trani

      Animating elements in an existing HTML page


      he has a list of available elements in the timeline... How can I persuade mine to appear there?  Related to this, I have a copy of jquery in the head of the file, should I remove it, if I'm manipulating the file in edge animate, in order to avoid jquery duplication/conflicts? Same applies for TweenMax?  There is one file that it edge animate doesn't like - the .css for the jplayer instance I am using. Is this because I will eed to load jplayer via the script panel to use it?

      Thanks for your help.