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    Adobe Flash player - Gameranger Issue




      I have an issue with Gameranger (a program simillar to steam). Please take some time and help me somehow, because I have absolutely no idea what more can I do, trying to solve it. I tried almost everything (reinstalling...) googled for it, found nothing useful. So it seems it is more serious and uncommon issue.


      I have been using Gameranger since 2011. I remeber that I uninstalled it because I thought I am not goin to use it anymore. But  few months ago I installed  it again. It does not woek on my computer since than.


      The problem is, I cant run Gameranger.  When I launch it, it says:


      Gameranger: Flash Player Needs Updating.

      Your adobe Flash player web plug-in is Version 1 and needs to

      be updated to the latest version for security fixes.

      Download and run the update from Adobe´s site.


      So when I click OK I am automaticly transferd to Adobe´s Flash Player download site where I follow the instructions and install it.


      So far, so good. But the problem is that nothing happens after installing proces. The same massage again. And I tried to reinstall Gameranger, reinstall Adobe Flash with Mozila Firefox and Internet Explorer but in vain. It happens the sime and it really angers me. Everything works fine in both browsers, but with Gameranger Adobe Flash Player is obviously not recognised.


      I googled for it but nothing really useful. That is the only solution that I thought it is useful:



      It mentions that GR needs Adobe Active-X and also Adobe Flash Playerto to be installed with IE. So i did. NO DIFFERENCE!? Same stupid massage again: Flash player needs updating, Flash Player needs updating... Arrgh ...You have no idea how meany times i have reinstalled the latest version of Adobe Flash player.


      So please help me bacuse I am running out of ideas, what can I do in purpose of solving this annoying problem. I would also like to say that I am not some kind of experts for these things (I had no problem with Adobe Flash Player in past) and maybe there is just a little trick I dont know, or maybe I am doing something work.


      Thank you!

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          Mike M Level 6

          That's a 100% a GR problem. Here's what it is.

          GR, like a lot of websites, uses a detection script to determine the presence and version of Flash Player. A lot of older websites haven't updated their scripts in a while and GR is the same way. Older "detection" scripts are based on a one (1) digit version number for Flash Player. 1 is 1, 2 is 2... 9 is 9... BUT  10 is 1 again, and so is 11, 12, or 13 according to the detection script.  I'm pretty sure you still had version 9 when you installed it, but have since updated to a 2 digit version, and that's what's causing this.


          Since the message you're seeing specifically mentions version number and NOT a missing Flash Player, it can't be that you needed ActiveX and didn't have it. You DID and do, and a version higher that 9, but GR's script can't detect a two digit version of Flash Player.


          You can try a "clean install" of Flash Player (http://forums.adobe.com/message/4041846), but since the problem comes from GR... I don't think it'll help.

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            ProRaiderJan Level 1

            I did the clean install of the Flash Player and reinstallaed gamranger also. As usually, gameranger asks me to update Adobe Flash Playe...

            On the other hand it is curious that Gameranger works properly on my sister´s windows 8 laptop. 


            If I understand you right, about scripting.., the key must be in older versions in Adobe Flash player?

            So why is this not more common problem? It is like Gameranger decided he will not work on my computer D:


            Please help me!

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              Mike M Level 6

              If I understand you right, about scripting.., the key must be in older versions in Adobe Flash player?


              No... the scripting is in the pages or app.  Windows 8 embeds the ActiveX plug-in, and it's modified by Microsoft after Adobe writes it. That's probably why it works, where it won't with Win7, Vista or even XP.

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                ProRaiderJan Level 1

                So why is this not more common problem? because many users have GameRanger on XP, Win7, Vista... Why it works for them? What shall I do? Why, why it does not work on my computer? The only solution I se is reformating my computer...