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    How can I export a 450-page catalog to PDF less than 10MB


      I have a project to overlay sales data to the product presentations in our 450-page catalog to be used by Merchandising and Sales teams. I am going to use a Plug-in such as EasyCatalog to import sales information to tagged text, and then i need to export the entire catalog to a single PDF. The request is that the PDF be smaller than 5MB, but that seems crazy. I was thinking 10MB might be more reasonable. Image quality isnt an issue


      PDF will be viewed by users, and in some cases needed to be printed. This process may be done weekly, so we have up-to-week visual sales data on the catalog page. For internal use only.


      If you know of a way to export a very small PDF, or a better, creative solution to share this, i would appreciate it!



      the page may look something like this:


      Screenshot 2014-02-22 11.26.43.png