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    Photoshop CC "Open" dialogue Window preview image query.


      Hello and Good Evening.


      I am using Photoshop CC on an iMac, with Mountain Lion. I have no issues with the software and it runs perfectly, so this is just a query really.


      If I save an image which has Alpha Channels contained within it, following processing, when I then reopen the image, the preview of the image in the "Open" dialogue window appears as a sort of negative, almost as if it has one of the masks on it. The image opens fine though, and looks as I left it.


      If I save the image without Alpha Channels, by unselecting them in the Save As dialogue window, and saving the image as a copy, when I reopen this one, the preview of the image is fine.


      I'm hoping someone may have some ideas.


      I have attached a couple of images below to illustrate;


      With Alpha Channels:

      With Alpha Channels.jpg

      Without Alpha Channels:


      Without Alpha Channels.jpg