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    How do I use OUTER JOIN to email different message than the default

    rickaclark54 Level 1

      I have a devotional that goes out daily from a MOBILE table containing:

      • mob_id
      • calendardate
      • title
      • scripture
      • body

      The same devotional goes out to 3 different churches.

      I have a second TABLE called EDITED that holds an edited version of the daily devotional, containing:

      • edit_id
      • calendardate
      • etitle
      • escripture
      • ebody

      The query should look in the edited table for a devotional first to see if it matches the current date then send it out. Otherwise it sends out the default devotional  that corresponds with the current date.


      I would like to send out in replacement of the default devotional  to the church that edited the devotional.

      I am using the following outer Join but it doesn’t work. It sends the same devotional to everybody.



      <cfloop query="getClients">


      <!--- determine if there is an edited version of the devotional available for this day --->


      <cfquery name="getDevotional" datasource="#application.dsn#">


      SELECT mobile.mob_id, mobile.display_date, mobile.title, mobile.body, mobile.scripture,edited.edit_id,edited.contact_id,edited.etitle,edited.escripture,edited. ebody

      FROM mobile

      left outer join edited ON mobile.display_date = edited.display_date


      where mobile.display_date = <cfqueryparam value ="#dateformat(now(), "YYYY-MM-DD")#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_date">




      What am I missing?