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    layers panel


      Please excuse my extreme naivete, as I am a brand-new Ps user.  I lost my Layers Panel somehow and cannot figure out how to restore it in order to finish my homework (creating a poster).  Help!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Does Window > Layers work for you?

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            tortiemom77 Level 1

            Ta-daaa!  I think that may have been now it disappeared in the first place!  Thank you.

            Now on to the next problem!

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              tortiemom77 Level 1

              Yes, thank you John, that enabled me to start over.  Unlike the array in the Ps textbook, it seems that the only way I can make a layer appear on the right is to "tap it open" at the top, above the working screen, and then one layer at a time, only, opens in the Layer Panel.  Nevertheless, I have managed to begin anew.  Thus far I have established the poster size, filled in a background color, typed the heading in the font and color desired, overlayered the first photo, cropped it to size, added a white stroke and added its caption beneath.  I added a second element (book title), cropped it to size and aligned it to the right of the first photo.  I added the second photo in the same way as the book title (or so I thought) but the photo field is absolutely MONSTROUS.  How can I shrink that photo down? The cropping step can only be done when it is overyling the poster, right?

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                John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Please start a new discussion in this forum for this next question.