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    Issues with InDesignCC 9.2


      I downloaded ID CC 9.2 last weekend and striuggled with it all week. Takes 4 times as long to do anything with this program. Click a text or graphic box, get a spinning progress wheel for 10-15 second. Click on a box to move it and it doesn't move, until 10 seconds later and then it moves to wherever your curser now is on screen. Simple things like scrolling in the document cause a spinning progress wheel to show up. Actually, all of the simplest functions of the software take painstaking forever!  What is the issue with this program? Everything I am reading says to upgrade to what I am running and I sem to haev the same issues others have had with earlier version. I feel that Adobe is ripping me off monthly now!!!


      Running this on a MacPro 4-core, 1st Gen. 2006-07 running 10.6.8 with 14GB RAM.


      On recommendation of another designer, I turned off all but necessary fonts and tried to delete Preferences in the Library. Same crap...slow! Still cannot get the program to run worth a damn.