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    FlashBuilder 4.7 wont publish to Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 but will publish to Samsung Galaxy S4

    Darcey76 Level 1

      OS: WIndows 7 x64

      Hardware: ATI Radion 65xxx series HD, 12GB DDR3, Galaxy Note 10.1 & Galaxy S4

      Android 4.1.2 is on the Tablet and 4.2.2 is on the mobile.

      Software: Adobe CC (Full) - FlashBuilder 4.7 - AIR for android on both devices 4.x installed

      Flashbuilder modification 1: APACHE FLEX Latest downloaded and installed into SDK directory

      Flashbuilder modification 2: AIR 4.0 SDK downloaded and installed into eclipse plugins flash compiler directory



      Dev test 1: (success)

      Built test application to test some Away3D 4.x programming and interaction on AIR.

      Result: Flash Player opened SWF and all appeard fine.



      Dev test 2: (success)

      Created new project - Flash Mobile - merged dev test 1 code into project and compiled on Galaxy S4

      Result: FlashBuilder recognised device, installed apk and ran it just fine (AIR 4.x is already installed on device)



      Dev test 2b: (failure)

      Still using project dev test 2, I unplugged the Galaxy S4 and pluggined in the Galaxy Note 10.1. Pressed debug.

      Result: Flashbuilder didn't get any further than displaying the message "Launching: Determining the device on which to install the application..."



      Dev test 2c: (failure)

      Closed FlashBuilder, unplugged device, CTRL + ALT + DEL then end tasked all ADB processes. Re-opened FlashBuilder, plugged Tablet back in and pressed debug again.

      Result: Sat on "Launching: Installing application on device" heard windows noise for unplugged usb device sound?!!??  Waited.. and waited and eventually got the message "Launching 'Away3DIsometricBlockBuilder' has encountered a problem. Error occurred while installing the application: rm failed for /data/local/tmp/Away3DIsometricBlockBuilder.apk, No such file or directory


      protocol failure


      - waiting for device -"





      Dev test 2d: (success)

      Unplugged device, end tasked all ADB.exe instances and plugged in galaxy s4 and pressed debug.
      Result: Success!

      Dev test 2e: (failure)
      Unplugged all devices, end tasked all ADB.exe instances and shut down flashbuilder. Opened a command prompt window and adb version = 1.0.31. Downloaded Goolge Android SDK x64 and removed existing android installation folder I had already and extracted files there. Opened SDK Manager and installed the latest Android 4.4 SDK  and some other tools etc. Now I went looking for where adb exists. Found the ones relevant to FlashBuilder 4.7 and checked which version they were. SDK used version was 1.0.31 and the AIR eclipse plugins ADB version was also 1.0.31. Checked fresh installed adb version from Google Android SDK and it was also v 1.0.31. Tried a manual install on the device of the apk. Re-opened FlashBuilder re-connected device (tablet) and pressed debug.
      Result: Got to Launching 57%, windows made usb disconnection sound and it got no further and popped up the error window which was detailed in "Dev test 2c" above. Device shows connected windows explorer no longer shows device.



      Dev test 2f: (failure)

      Unplugged device, end tasked all adb.exe instances. Plugged device back in.
      Check 1: Windows shows android device plugged in GT-N80810
      Check 2: Opened admin rights dos window and typed in adp devices - found 1 at some address
      Check 3: adb version = 1.0.31

      Check 4: apk file exists

      Execute manual install: adp install -r package_name.apk


      -- in dos window --

      protocol failure

      - waiting for device -

      rm failed for /data/local/tmp/apkname.apk, No such file or directory



      Dev test 3: (failure)

      Created a new flashbuilder 4.7 ActionScript Mobile AIR Project

      Name: TabletTest01

      Permissions: Internet, Write external storage, wake lock, access network

      Auto reorient: yes

      Full screen: yes

      Added code: trace("hello world");

      Pressed debug

      Set launch method: on device

      Build target = device

      Click apply then debug

      Result: Same as error shows in 2c


      Dev test 3b: (success)

      Rebooted pc, rebooted device plugged back in after flashbuilder was running and pressed debug.

      Result: sucess traced out "hello world" to console!



      Dev test 3c: (failure)


      Pressed debug.

      Result: FAILURE! Same as error shows in 2c




      Adobe or anyone know how to fix this issue? or even what is going on?!





      I'm tempted to flash the Galaxy Note with Android 4.2.2 or 4.4 google stock rom, to see if it fixes any problems...
      However it wouldn't be a true Galaxy Note 10.1 test device anymore, which was the point in buying the thing.


      The only things which stand out in all this to me are:

      1. The tablet disconnects mid way through the debug publish process, but sometimes the galaxy s4 does also but it doesn't stop it from working?! Timing issue with compiler and data transfer timings? Missing apk file in data temp directory?

      2. Android 4.1.2 is on the Tablet and 4.2.2 is on the mobile, could it be an issue with the AIR SDK not correctly handling 4.1.2 where as it is fine with 4.2.2?



      Maybe I should have gone the way of the virtual machine... :\



      My next tests will be to root the device (odin) and see if I can copy over APK files for installation via the file browser on the device as at the moment APK file transfer is blocked (I don't have the apk copying issue on a non-rooted galaxy s4 however).



      Anyone got anything?






      PS. Adobe - Image upload doesn't work on this forum editor (chrome).

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          Darcey76 Level 1


          FlashBuilder appears to have a problem with Android version 4.2.2.


          Discovery / Assumption reasoning

          Tested same application in FlashBuilder to publish to Android 4.0.x, Android 4.1 and to Android 4.4 all result in success on both virtual machine, tablet and mobile devices.


          Advice for Tablet users using Android 4.1.x with same problem:

          1. Google search "install android 4.4 on entery your device name here"

          2. Follow instructions which usually comprises of

          2.1. Download bootloader recovery software and flash with odin 1.85

          2.2. Download rom

          2.3. Download pa_gapps_modular full

          2.4. Download Super User

          2.5. Copy files 2.2 and 2.3 to your internal memory on device or to external SD card

          2.6. Reboot into backup & recovery tool

          2.7. Backup everything

          2.8. Install rom via zip selection

          2.9. Install gapps (google apps) via zip selection

          2.10. Install update (root) via zip selection

          2.11. Reboot and enjoy Android 4.4 on your Tab 10.1



          If you insist on using 4.2.2 then your going to have to either start publishing to the app store and installing and re-installing from there to test or try installing the apk via a memory card reader on the external sd card and installing it via file browser and select on the device.