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    My Photoshop subscription no longer works?


      I've had a working PhotoshopCC subscription for two months already. I've been billed for it. Today when I tried to open Photoshop, the Application Manager would come up instead and tell me I either needed to start a free trial of it or license my application.


      I can't license it because my photoshop is part of a subscription and was I never sent a serial number. I tried to look the serial number up but PhotoshopCC does not appear under my products or even recent purchases. My account shows I am still part of the plan and I'm probably sitll going to be billed for it even though I can no longer access it.


      Yesterday it worked with no issues. This morning it stopped working. I updated it sucessfully this afternoon but it still won't open. I've unistalled it and reinstalled it and it still gives me the same thing.


      I own a MacbookPro with Snow Leopard 10.6.8