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    HELP: Controlling speed of photo slider

      I need some help in controling the speed of this simple photo slider. Here's what I have.

      Individual movie clip(Photo):
      onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
      _root.xdist = (_root._xmouse-_root.xcenter)/20;

      Main Action:
      movieWidth = 300
      xcenter = movieWidth/2
      // this code loops right
      function movePiece (target) {
      with (target) {
      _x += xdist;
      if (_x>movieWidth+_width/2) {
      _x = -_width/2;
      if (_x<(0-_width/2)) {
      _x = movieWidth+_width/2;

      What action code, etc. can I put into this code to slow down the scrolling or control the scroll speed? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks