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    Bayside Beat help


      when I attached the existing styles of the home page to create the second page my type in the "sightseeing page" were not a san serif font anymore.  Also during the step where it asks you to change type of main article to h2 it made the the paragraph type the same size as the heading.  I can't figure out how to fix it.

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds as though you have made a mistake when attaching the style sheet. Without seeing your code, it's impossible to say what the problem might be. Frustrating though it might be, I suggest you get a clean copy of the exercise files and start again. Doing things several times until you get it right is a good way of learning.

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            larryalex Level 1

            I think I found the problem.  It has to do with the font I selected (Source Sans).  I notice when I go to "manage fonts", the fonts in the dialogue box are not showing the icons.  Just blank boxes with the name underneath.  I select the font, and a blue arrow shows that I have selected it,  but I'm not sure it was showing in the font-family in properties as actually being selected. 


            I also noticed (I am doing the 6 part written tutorial), that the n2-n6 code never got rid of the n2 part when I was 'cleaning up web fonts'.  also the message you mention to close out never showed itself doing the tutorial from the six part series.  It did doing the video version


            Your video series  is quite different, and while following that tutorial everything you said that would happen in the written version is happening (I'm on a Mac).


            I am learning though by redoing everything.  Just a bit frustrated.


            What confuses me most about the program is I never seem to know where I'm at in CSS.  e.i.  If I select main.css all of the selectors show in the panel.  If it is unselected only some selectors show.  I always feel like I'm going to pick something wrong because of it.  Being proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop doesn't seem to be helping me much in relieving my stress about it.  haha


            Thanks for your help. 


            Anyway, something is going on with the fonts I believe that is causing me trouble.